Live Departure Board Documentation

Build your own Live Departure Board for any UK Bus Stop or Train Station!

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Read our documentation for advanced keybindings and customization

Documentation Project Website

This website is the technical documentation for the Live departure board project I made, after getting inspiration from a similar product online. If you would like to build your own this is not the site to learn how you should go to the project’s website instead; for full details on the parts needed, setting it up and installing the program. This website is designed for developers, enthusiasts and computer savvy users for extreme program customizations and for developing or altering the program where permitted as detailed in the license agreement. If you have any questions, problems or feature suggestions feel free to email them to me using the links below.


V1.0.NR, v1.3.RB and V1.3.OT

  • Initial Release Published For All National Rail Services and Stations in the UK.
  • Both RB and OT had some very minor spelling corrections.

v1.2.RB and V1.2.OT

  • Fixed performance issue when the display recovered after a period of a loss of internet connection.

v1.1.RB and V1.1.OT

  • Both RB and OT now support relative resource file paths to allow for auto-start-up of the program from a different directory.

v1.0.RB and V1.0.OT

  • Initial Release Published For Reading Buses Services
  • Initial Release Published For All National Bus Services and Stops in the UK.