Reading Buses (

To find the naptan (ID) code for the bus stop you wish to view in Reading you can use the map bellow, simply click on the bus stop you want to find out it's naptan code.

If you can not find the stop you are looking you can searching for it on Open Street maps here.

  1. On zoom right in on a stop you're interested in
  2. Click the layers picker button on the right hand side
  3. Tick the 'map data' layer, and wait for clickable objects to load
  4. Click the bus stop node to reveal its tags on the left

Not all regions have their Naptan data imported, If you still can not find the stop you need, you will have to manual search for it by going to the following site, but make sure to input in your own API Key.[YOUR API KEY HERE]

If using chrome you may also want to download this extension to make the JSON file more readiable.

Any UK Bus Stop (

To find the naptan code for any UK bus stop the recommended approach is to use Open Street maps here. Read above on how to use the site properly.

If you can not find the stop you want, you can try going to Once again open the site and then try searching to find the bus stop you want and click on it to get it's ID.

If this also fails then you could download your regions naptan data and search through it all here. This however can be very long, instead I would recommend using the tool I made below.

Longitude of Bus Stop:

Latitude of Bus Stop:

Transport API Key:

Transport API ID:

Any UK Train Station (

To find the ID for a train station in the UK simply goto the following site You simply want the three character CRS code.